Association of
Nuclear Medicine Physicians of India
Association Of
Nuclear Medicine Physicians Of India
president's Message
Dr. Uma Ravishankar
Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It is with considerable excitement that I embark on my new role as ANMPI President. After having served as a member of the society and member of executive committee, I am ready to take over the reins from Dr. Ishita Sen. I would like to acknowledge Dr Ishita Sen and her team members for all the accomplishments that they have achieved during the previous term. I will continue to lean on them and other senior colleagues and seek counsel and advice constantly.

It is important that we continue to have a strong national voice and are recognized as subject matter experts in the medical community. We have come a long way in raising awareness for our profession and the importance that nuclear medicine physicians play in the medical continuum. We need to demonstrate our value even further. Now more than ever, there needs to be a better understanding of the value of various nuclear medicine procedures both diagnostic and therapeutic for the future of healthcare in India.

Since its inception in 2003, the association has grown from strength to strength and witnessed the progress of this rapidly expanding branch of medicine and successive presidents and their team have contributed immensely to fulfil the aims and objectives of ANMPI.

While continuing to strengthen and take forward the work of my predecessors, my vision is to concentrate on the last mentioned aim of our organisation - To co-ordinate multicentric trials and research programmes to validate new technology and produce consensus statements and guidelines on specific issues related to the practice of Nuclear Medicine. I believe that unity is strength and plan to start ANMPI CRPs (Coordinated research projects ) where in 8 to 10 young researchers will togeather work on a project and come out with results which will help to produce India specific normal values, disease patterns, therapeutic response etc. Our team with continue to engage with AERB and the Government to make the use of radio isotope and practice of our speciality smooth and easy.

Looking forward to your cooperation to make our speciality reach greater heights.