Association of
Nuclear Medicine Physicians of India
Association Of
Nuclear Medicine Physicians Of India
president's Message
Dr. Ishita Sen
Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It is my great honour to address you today as the newly elected President of the Association of the Nuclear Medicine Physicians of India. The year comes to an end, and as I look back at not just the last year but at the last 15 years of the ANMPI, I am filled with pride at its achievements. Whether it is engaging with the regulators effectively, or supporting educational and training needs of nuclear medicine students, physicians and technical personnel, or in working with referring physicians to propagate the cause of nuclear medicine, ANMPI under the leadership of the past presidents has managed to make significant inroads to improve the practice of nuclear medicine in India. As we step into 2018, it is time to take this journey forward.

These are challenging times for the healthcare industry. Our community is under severe scrutiny, as medical quality, cost and patient safety are now topics of broad interest. As a result the appropriateness and indications of what we do are now the object of lay press reports and widely discussed by politicians on evening news. Nuclear medicine too is sailing through troubled waters. While there is unprecedented investment in nuclear medicine centers, both in the government and private sectors, the growth is not paralleled by the adequate availability of trained manpower. Also in the past year we have seen vested interests and unchartered regulations create acute shortage of radioisotopes, at times threatening the very existence of nuclear medicine in India. In the clinical arena, while there is a marked increase in clinical workloads, there is a great paucity of time and resources available for teaching, research, publications and a reluctance in organizing and serving in professional societies. While we perform world class clinical and pre clinical work in this country, our efforts go unapplauded in the developed world due to the gaps in our documentation and our inability to create national level collaborations to publish our work in a scientific and systematic way. As the new executive committee of ANMPI takes over, in the next two years we plan to focus on 3 principal strategies.

1. To promote collaborative research and publications. We hope to create small working groups to identify gaps in evidence, develop national level multi-institutional collaboration to produce at least one original publication per group and to create our own evidence based practice guidelines. 2. To continuously engage with the regulators and the government to negotiate easier processes for the use of radioisotopes in the country.

3. To support education and training by making available resources such as webinars and technical documents on the ANMPI website. We would also continue to engage with members to organize CMEs, both to provide standardized and continues education to nuclear medicine physicians as well as generate an understanding of nuclear medicine procedures amongst the physicians of other specialties. We also intend to continue the In-field nuclear medicine technician-training course (NMTT) to develop trained nuclear medicine technicians. ANMPI has always been committed to extend support to the young nuclear medicine physicians and students and we are committed to continue the same by means of conducting teachings sessions and grooming young physicians into leadership roles. The last secretariat began engaging with the British Nuclear Medicine Society to start a BNMS-ANMPI fellowship for young nuclear medicine physicians. We hope to take the proposal forward and finalize the same during our tenure.

The immediate past president Dr. Shanmuga Sundaram also initiated the ambitious group indemnity policy project for ANMPI members and he will develop a concrete proposal which we will bring to you soon.

These ambitious goals of the executive committee would remain mere rhetoric unless we engage each and every nuclear medicine physician in this country. Our times demand collaboration and on behalf of the executive committee of the Association of Nuclear Medicine Physicians of India I appeal to each one of you to participate in the activities of the association and to strengthen ANMPI. I am sure together we will take nuclear medicine to further heights! I wish you and your families a very happy 2018. May the new year bring peace, joy and happiness in each of your lives!